Free State Aquatics will strive to serve the community and the country in developing excellent swimmers and also to bring the basics of swimming, Diving and Water polo to all communities.

About Free State Swim 

Free State Aquatics has served Bloemfontein, the Free State, South Africa and the world well over the past number of years.Free State Aquatics has been able to make adjustments and remain relevant in a changing environment in which it has developed, grown and excelled.

The brand is known and revered throughout South Africa and even internationally and the products of the federation make a positive difference wherever they are. Our foundations are based on athlete development as well as our responsibility to social upliftment for all levels of our population. We strive to serve our national body by providing in all the services required by them as well as to serve a well deserved space in the sporting fraternity of the Free State province.



The rise and development of swimming as
a sport activity resulted from the needs provoked by the Industrial Revolution and urbanization at the end of the 19th century. This development began in England and spread to the European continent, to America and finally all over the world.

Open Water

Although open water swimming in sea, river, lake and so on have only recently appeared in FINA Rules, swimming in open water is by definition an old sport. One only has to think back to the competition of the very first Olympic Games which took place in the harbour of Pireus. Other example: cross channel swimming has always been an inspiring challenge.

Water Polo

The origins of water polo can be traced to east India, where British army officers experimented with the «pulu» ball game on horseback. From there, polo was brought to Europe and was played as rugby and finally as football in the water to become water polo - and was practised in rivers and lakes. Originally, a pig's stomach bladder was used as the ball, but as this burst easily, it was soon replaced by a rubber ball.

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